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Medicloud LLC


The only applied behavior-based approach to improving

patient adherence

Why Focus on Adherence

More than half of all patients with chronic illness will abandon their care plan within 30-60 days.  They will wonder if it’s working.  They’ll wonder if they really have the disease.  Through a partnership with Behavioral Education and Research Services, Inc. (BEARS) we are offering their evidence based Adherence Management Coaching© program within the MediCloud EMR solution.

BEARS’s evidence-based approach to identifying at-risk patients and building an Adherence Improvement Plan within their MediCloud EMR gives clinicians and their patient education and support teams with a toolkit for developing and reinforcing adherent behavior.

Transitional Care has been defined by CMS as a “joint responsibility” however, clinicians are being increasing held responsible for patient behavior beyond the clinic walls.  The MediCloud/BEARS EMR provides a single platform for doing and recording the right thing and supporting patients as they learn new habits and integrate them into their daily schedules for as long as necessary.