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Medicloud LLC

Why We are Better

We carefully listened to current users of medical practice management and EMR software.  We learned what works and doesn’t, key features that were lacking and the frustrations experienced from both practice management and EMR software.  After collecting the data, we developed and tested our product with the real world medical community.  From the front office staff to doctors and accountants, all stake holders were involved in product development.   

Our innovative software combines practice management and EMR software in one secure, cloud based solution.   What that means for you is less headaches, more productivity with happier patients, leading to a 360 degree win. 

We don’t sell the car, without the engine, our costs are upfront after analyzing your needs, with no costly conversions that negatively affect your budget.

Here is a  breakdown:

Easy to Use

  • Intuitive Design helps user focus on elements related to their tasks

  • Dashboard layout promotes easy navigation

  • Customizable for your needs, even change the colors and font size & type

Cloud Based

  • Mobile Ready/Device Compatible/Real Time Data Backup

  • Servers are owned by Us, Our clients talk to us not Amazon or Microsoft

  • Data/Documents can be accessed in real time anywhere, on any device.

Combined Practice Management and EMR Features

  • Bundled accounting, billing, scheduling, coding, lab, dictionary, pharmacy, staff /bed management and more!

  • Bill multiple insurance companies instantaneous and improve your bottom line and reconcile them directly to the patient accounts

  •  “Dropbox” Inspired Patient Portal to Share Documents  and access helpful information

  • Send accurate and complete patient information through text messaging, including lab results and radiology and other images, on a HIPAA-compliant platform

  • Developed from Input by Key Stakeholders in the Medical Community, our software is offered at a cost below the industry average. Beyond price, we offer value &  a powerful combined practice management/EMR solution

Secure and Compliant

  • ARRA/Meaningful Use

  • ICD-10 and Other Code Changes


  • Secure access to data by granting permissions, you can rest assured that team members are only seeing the files they need to, and nothing else.

  • About Us

  • They say it, but we do it, our customers come first and we will never sell you the car without the engine.  From initial requirements to completion and support our team is with you on every step.  Our costs are up front, so your project never goes over budget.

  • What we do:

  • MediCloud offers secure, cloud-based practice management and electronic medical record (EMR) software for the medical market that bundles accounting, billing, scheduling, coding, dictionary, pharmacy and staff management in one easy to navigate portal that can be accessed anywhere, on any device.

  • What we sell: Customizable combined Practice Management and EMR Software

  • Who do we sell to: Hospitals and Private Physicians in need of increasing productivity, compliance

  • Why we sell it: To provide our clients affordable, secure, intuitive, scalable bundled features to improve efficiency, reduce stress and increase productivity

  • Our Mission:

  • To provide our customers a partner that earns your trust, by providing a relentless commitment to the people we serve. Our unique mission is to enable our customers to provide higher quality care, with greater efficiency, to more people, at a lower cost. We look forward to partnering with you to achieve this mission.

The #1 cloud-based electronic health record platform for doctors and patients